NEWS: Speaker at the ICC Institute training (Dubai 26 February) : critical key issues of M&A and construction disputes

Olivier Caprasse acts, in French or in English, as counsel or co-counsel in conjunction with other law firms, in arbitral proceedings or proceedings before the national courts in relation to arbitration (application for setting aside awards, exequatur of awards).

He is also consulted on arbitration matters by Belgian and foreign lawyers with a view to providing legal opinions, assessing the probability of success in litigation or drafting affidavits.

He is a lawyer with a civil law background who obtained an LLM in the United States. He has been trained in cross-examination techniques which he has personally used on several occasions.

His recent work as counsel on arbitration has involved:

  • Application before Belgian courtscfor judicial review against arbitral awards;
  • Defence of construction companies conducting large-scale projects in Africa;
  • Defence of a company in the chemical industry regarding the latter’s purchase of non-conforming products in an Eastern country;
  • Defence of a company director and majority shareholder of an international group in disputes against the group’s former CEO further to the latter’s dismissal from office;
  • Defence of an American company against an Italian company in relation to the delivery of an assembly line which failed to comply with the agreement.